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The Neo-Tribal Metalsmiths are primarily an educational group, dedicated to the exchange of information, most notably pertaining to bladesmithing and related crafts. We are a diverse group of people, united through a mutual enthusiasm for the Neo-Tribal approach to metalsmithing.

The Neo-Tribal metalsmiths combine ancient and modern tools, materials, techniques and technologies. The emphasis is on high-quality original hand craftsmanship, innovation, and the efficient use of resources. We share information, host hammerins, form groups - Tribes - and encourage contact with like-minded enthusiasts

Since it’s beginning in 1995, the N-TMs have evolved from a small local (Tucson) organization into an international art movement. There is currently no official membership for the International Tribe. The individual local and regional tribes are self governing and responsible for their own memberships. If you would like to form your own “neo tribe” and be listed on the “Tribes” page, contact Tai Goo.

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